Dirty Oranges

This is a desperate attempt to create a photo blog. I believe it is time to apply the techniques that I have learned in taking pictures and try to learn some more. I wish to make this a 365-day endeavor and hopefully I can do this. My Olympus e620 is still under repair so you have to settle for my Olympus TG 620 for now. Today I learned that taking photos from a digital camera is more challenging than using a DSLR. So here it is, from today's arsenal, I present to you a photo of small oranges in a vase:

Still Life of Dirty Plastic Oranges

This vase was just sitting around the house. I wanted to do some miksang photography but it seems I still have a lot to learn about inner peace. lol. And so I ended up just taking photos of anything I can find. The light was coming from the right, it was morning so the sun was a good source of natural light for this photo. I did not do any editing as for me, this picture is perfect. Except for the dirt in the corner right of the photo.

I believe this photo depicts that life, like the photo, has different shades. I do not believe that oranges should be placed in a vase. It is just so wrong. I think this picture is just too plain. I think I can do better. I also think that the house needs some cleaning.

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